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Derrick, lead butcher at 200 Schermerhorn, has been working at Brooklyn Fare since its opening in 2009. He's worked as a butcher for 22 years and has been formative in shaping the meat department into what it is today.

We prefer to source our meats from local farms and providers, and pride our meat department on its relationships with New York meat vendors. For more information about our selection, drop us a line!
Our in-store delicatessen selects some of the finest cuts of meats & cheeses, both domestic and international. Our employees are skilled and friendly, happy to help suit any of your deli needs. At our deli, we also provide a wide breadth of gourmet prepared foods, cooked at our 37th street location. For more information about our deli selection, drop us a line!
Simo, deli manager at 200 Schermerhorn, has been working at Brooklyn Fare for 6 years.

Favorite cured meat?: "Our Aged Rosetta de Lyon salami is really popular."

Favorite prepared food?: "I really love our homemade veggie burgers, prepared fresh daily at our 37th street kitchen. I usually put them on 7-grain rolls with some fresh pepper jack cheese, avocado, arugula, oil and balsamic, pressed into a panini. Delicious."
Karim, lead fromager at 200 Schermerhorn, has been working at Brooklyn Fare since 2012. Before Brooklyn Fare, Karim worked as a cheese merchant in Toulouse, France for 19 years. Originally born in Algeria, Karim's diverse experience and passion for cheese have fostered a superb home at Brooklyn Fare: a boutique, specialized selection in the corner of your local market.
Favorite cheese lately?: "Abbaye de Belloc is a fantastic semi-hard, sheep's milk cheese. We import it from the Pays Basque region in France. It's creamy, smooth, with a nice finish; perfect before or after a meal."

Funky wild card cheese?: "Saint Albray from France is a more adventurous option. It's soft and creamy with a washed rind, strong bite, and a bitter, earthy finish."
At Brooklyn Fare, we source the majority of our seafood from local East-coast fish and shellfish vendors. Whether its fresh seabass from Montauk, or Mahogany clams from Maine, or wares are guaranteed fresh. We’re happy to be part of a long history of seafood trade in New York City and actively supply some of NYCs best restaurants with fresh fish. Email our seafood department at for more info.
John, lead fish monger at 200 Schermerhorn. Has been working at Brooklyn Fare for 6 years. Favorite fish? “Our wild-caught striped bass from Montauk is very fresh. I like to cook it simply in butter, with garlic, a little bit of thyme, and lemon juice.

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